Kaw Lake


Located 8 miles East of Ponca City, Kaw Lake covers 17,000 surface acres and has 168 miles of shoreline and offers recreation facilities like picnic areas, boat ramps, playgrounds, swimming beach, and two full service marinas. Kaw Lake and the Arkansas River have long been known for producing some of Oklahoma's largest catfish, making this a popular spot for fishermen. Festivals, outdoor recreation and nearby communities make this a great getaway destination.

Lake Ponca


Lake Ponca supports many of the customary outdoor activities including fishing, boating, water-skiing, camping, outdoor shelters and an adjacent golf course. Lake Ponca is ideal location for individual, family and group outings, and hosts a variety of community events throughout the year.

Sooner Lake


Lake Sooner is one of Oklahoma's most unusual fisheries.

At 5,000 acres, the lake is too large to be influenced entirely by the warm water, but it is affected enought to sustain Florida-strain largemouth. In fact, Sooner is one of the few lakes in northern Oklahoma stocked with Floridas and regularly yeilding double-digit bass.

Additionally, portions of the lake kept moderate during cold winters also sustain aquatic vegetaion- yet another rarity in Oklahoma because of fluctuating levels in its reservoirs. In Sooner, the level is kept stable with water pumped in from the Arkansas River.